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01 June 2012

Changing FONTS in Nokia Phone

Hey guys..After a short time.I am happy to see u in my next post.This post regarding font editing is very much useful for those who want their phone much more customizable..
The main theme is that to change the fonts in the PPM file.I think that POST  PROGRAMMABLE MEMORY.(Not sure :))

Let's start the tutorial..For editing the font things you need.

  1. PPMod
  2. ppm file of your firmware
        You can Download the PPMod software by using my download link below:

At first, You need the ppm file of your firmware.That can be downloaded using Navifirm software( Which was already xplained in my previous post about NOKIA FLASHING TUTORIAL) .Further for your clarification i had given the screenshot of the Navifirm software Below.
Note: You can see the ppm file listed on the top right box of the navifirm.Normally a ppm file may be with extensions (.ppm,.ppm_xx[where xx can be any letter])

Okay.Now you got the ppm file just download my ppmod software from the given link. And open the software named PPmod.exe in the given archive.
You will see a window like this.
Click open and load your phone's ppm file that you have downloaded from the Navifirm software.
when you opened the ppm file through the software you will get a tree like structure with a parent named PPM.expand those and You will see the VFNT That's the place we are going to edit...So here we go..expand the VFNT You will see some more childs opened namely (CNDS, DIGI, RGLR etc.,).Now wat we do is..Right click on the Nokia Digi and select Import from binary. As shown below

The main thing is open your downloaded fonts or anyother fonts you like.Bt if you use some fonts it might be too big for phone screen..Try out my fonts.given above.
Import the downloaded ttf fonts to your ppm..Likewise do for all the child under the VFNT parent.RGLR is the mainly seen in most of the menu.Change that with your favourite font.And then save the ppm in a different location.
Now open Phoenix software.Using DEAD phone flashing is better I prefer to you.
Make No connections as i told before..And follow all those instructions i told you in the previous post about NOKIA FLASHING TUTORIAL. Bt before flashing click options in the end of the firmware update window.
 when u click on options u will find a window showing the 3 files.there select the ppm file as highlighted.and click edit..Later.Click the highlighted button and browse for your edited ppm and select it..and click OK
Further click ok and then REFURBISH..
That's it.
Make sure that you viewed the previous flashing tutorial as i posted earlier..

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  1. More info:

    CNDS: used at the phone's menu

    RGLR: used for operator text, standby clock, lock screen clock, typing font, fonts on list, and many more

    STSB: used for the rest of the phone's function like calendar, home screen

    SBNL: this is useless but you should put a font on it. If you don't put a font on it, your phone might brick.

    DIGI: used for displaying the phone's status while you are doing something on it like TEST MODE and CONTACT SERVICE. *Don't replace, it might brick your phone.

    1. @Deathjent:
      Thanks for your info !!!

  2. How to edit .ppm file without ppmod?